Recovery From Chin Augmentation

Update 16/09/2018


Among the many options for cosmetic surgery at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic is chin augmentation surgery. As you might expect, there is a period of recovery after having the surgery, and there are some steps you can take in order to help make it a faster recovery.

It is likely that you will feel some level of discomfort after the chin augmentation. You can take the pain medication prescribed to you to help with this, or you can try over the counter pain medications. The pain should only last a few days. If it is severe and the pain medication doesn't help, you might want to consider consulting with your physician for other possible options. In addition, you may also be given antibiotics, as it is not unusual to develop a mild fever during the first day or two after the surgery. Again, use any fever medication prescribed as directed, and contact your physician if fever symptoms worsen or do not go away after three or four days.
In terms of your diet, you may want to stick with liquids for the first day or so. That means food like soup. After a few more days you can begin eating soft foods, and then a few days after that you can resume your normal diet. There is no set time for when you can resume your normal diet, as it is really up to how comfortable you feel. However, waiting for about a week before resuming your normal diet may be the most comfortable way of doing things.
Swelling may be an issue in the days after the surgery. If the surgeon prescribed medicine to help with the swelling, take it as directed. You may also want to apply an ice pack to the area on your chin where the swelling is occurring. Keep the ice pack on the area for about 20 minutes. Do this around four or five times a day. If the swelling gets worse, you may want to contact your physician to discuss possible options for dealing with it.



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