Preparation for Neck Lift Surgery

Update 16/09/2018


Preparation for any procedure at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic is strongly recommended, and it is no different for a neck lift. If you are planning to have a neck lift done, it will be a tremendous help to know what you can do in advance of the surgery to help make your recovery go smoother.

Although you will need to discuss the specifics with the surgeon, there are several things that you will likely have to stop doing before the surgery. For example, if you are a smoker, you may need to stop smoking for about two weeks prior to the neck lift. If you are taking any medications that thin your blood – Such as aspirin – You may need to stop taking these before the surgery, as they can increase your risk of bleeding after the surgery.

You will also want to prepare for your post operation recovery. While your surgeon will likely prescribe any medications you will need, there are a few things you will want to make sure you get yourself. Ice packs, for one, as these will help significantly in dealing with any swelling that may occur after the surgery. You may also want to have antibacterial ointment that you can use on the incision sites to try and help reduce the risk of infection. In addition, while you may already have pillows at home, you may want to consider buying new, more comfortable pillows, as you will likely need to keep your head elevated for the first few days after the surgery. Stockpiling on soft foods is also a good idea, as these can help minimize the amount of chewing you need to do when eating.

Obviously you will want to make sure to request time off of work for after the surgery, as you are going to need time to recover. You will also want to have someone available to drive you to and from the clinic, as you will be in no condition to drive after the surgery. This person – Be they a friend, loved one, or whoever – Could also provide moral support and comfort if you are feeling nervous about the surgery.

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