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Update 16/09/2018


Everyone dreams of being better than they really are. This can because they want to get ahead in their career or work but what exactly motivates someone to travel from their home country to have plastic surgery in Thailand? Many people visit Thailand for a holiday as Thailand is known for its great food, beaches and nightlife, but there has been a growth in medical tourism in recent years also. For those who do not know medical tourism is simply the act of having a holiday and hospital visit as part of the same holiday package.

In Thailand medical tourism has been a growing segment of Thailand’s tourism and healthcare sectors and in 2005 a hospital in Bangkok took in 150,000 treatment seekers from abroad. This does not mean that all these people were there for plastic surgery Thailand but when Thailand offers cheaper medical procedures and an equal or better standard of care then you can understand why people would go ahead and make a trip. Treatment in Thailand for medical tourists includes plastic surgery, organ transplants, cardiac and orthopedic treatments.

Many Thai physicians hold US or UK accreditation so you can assured that when you travel to have plastic surgery in Thailand that the doctors you work with are fully qualified and know exactly what you require and will put you at ease during the entire procedure. Currently the Thai health system ranks at number 47 by the World Health Organization and the signs are encouraging that the system will get better and better and so this means that there has never really been a better time to take a flight and treat yourself to plastic surgery in Thailand.

This industry is earning Thailand an estimated 36.4 billion baht as a country and so you can see why Thailand wants to continue to increase its services and this is just good news for everyone else.



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