Plastic Surgery In Thailand: Scientific Scales Prove It Can Significantly Improve Self-Esteem

Update 16/09/2018


Thanks to plastic surgery in Thailand, men and women can now finally correct those self esteem issues that have haunted them throughout their lives. Various self-help books perceive plastic surgery to be an abomination. The pages of these creations contain psycho-babble relating to Freud, your inner child and other stereotypical nonsense that is far too clichéd to warrant further mention. They pretend to be worried about people’s wellbeing. However, the real truth is, they don’t want you to have plastic surgery in Thailand because it will drastically affect their book sales.

Surgery And Sense Of Self
It is a myth that only celebrities have cosmetic surgery procedures. People from all walks of life have procedures like liposuction and breast implants performed to fill that gaping hole that lies in their sense of self, one that will not be filled by some third rate fiction that passes for psychological advice. In America alone, more than 2 million women have cosmetic surgery procedures each year. This would potentially be higher only for the extremely high prices associated with this type of operation. Plastic surgery in Thailand is now becoming a viable option for both sexes as procedures over there cost between 30-40% of what one would expect to pay in the United States. 
Scientific Proof
Another myth propagated by self-help advocates is that cosmetic surgery does not help with self-esteem. Those who have undergone successful plastic surgery in Thailand will disagree. As do the readings of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, a respected medical reading of a person’s self esteem. According to the Rosenberg Scale, men and women who undergo plastic surgery enjoy a 20% increase in self esteem on average.
Of course, medical readings are not really necessary to fully appreciate the positive effects that plastic surgery in Thailand has on people, nor can you use figures to accurately convey satisfaction. More than one million people go to Thailand each year for inexpensive procedures. When they return, each of them are noticeably happier, healthier and more energetic. Self-help gurus can continue beating their cash laden drum while cynically pretending to have the public interest at heart. All the while, regular people will experience real results after having plastic surgery in Thailand.



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