Ms. Raine’s testimonial

Update 17/09/2018



Ms. Raine's testimonial
TV Host. 2014

I used to look back on old photos of myself from 30 years ago and curse the passage of time. I am sure we all wish we could age a little slower and sag a little less. When I first met Dr. Ronachai at Naravee Clinic he told me not to worry.

While he couldn’t take away the years, he could take away the signs of time and make me look and feel better about the woman I am today. I decided to trust him on this. Six months ago I undertook face and neck surgery with him at Naravee.

As for the results, I am amazed and I am thrilled. I used to think no-one could turn back the clock but I am beginning to believe that Dr. Ronachai can truly make miracles.




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