More Myths About Liposuction In Thailand

Update 16/09/2018



Liposuction in Thailand is possibly the most misunderstood cosmetic surgery procedure available. There are a cavalcade of myths associated with liposuction in Thailand. Believing these myths could be harmful to your health as well as your bank balance!

One myth is that liposuction in Thailand is for individuals who are excessively overweight. The theory goes that as liposuction removes the fat from your body, you can literally become half the man or woman overnight. Not so. Having more than 10 pounds of fat removed in a single day via liposuction is unsafe. Also, in the event that an obese person has a significant amount of fat removed. Statistics show that extremely overweight people who have liposuction regain a large percentage of their fat within 12 months. Therefore, liposuction is best utilized on someone looking to remove stubborn fat from their body.
It’s also assumed that liposuction in Thailand involves a lengthy recuperation process. It’s hard to decipher where that myth came from but Thai clinics like Naravee have a variety of new and exciting liposuction procedures including Vaser technology. If you have Vaser liposuction, you will be in and out of the surgery in the same day. Your recovery period is minimal and you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Thailand for the duration of your stay. This is why it’s a good idea to have the liposuction soon after arrival.

A final myth is that liposuction is expensive because of the equipment used. Vaser liposuction in Thailand generally costs less than $1,000. When performed in America or Europe, this cost skyrockets. Why is this the case? The main reason has little to do with equipment and more to do with the cost of a surgeon. American and European surgeons charge huge fees while their Thai counterparts, because they live in a country with a low cost of living, charge a fraction of Western surgeons. This helps explain the disparity in fees. 



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