Liposuction Thailand – Travelling For Treatment

Update 16/09/2018


I really hate exercise. Seriously! I am too busy with my life to worry about how I look yet recently, either the scales are broken, or they have discovered the ability to lie. Yes, that’s right; I am putting on more weight than I should. Or rather I am putting on weight that does not seem to be disappearing. I tried exercise, me and my girlfriends go to the gym for 1 hour, 4 times a week and do all the usual stuff, you know, jogging, cycling, Pilates, but there are still some areas of my body that refuse to stop being unsightly.

Then one of my friends came back from a medical holiday over in Thailand. I was not sure why anyone would have a holiday to a hospital but my friend explained that they were in a similar situation to me. They wanted to lose some weight but exercise simply was not shifting it. They told me that they had had liposuction in Thailand. I had heard of this procedure and I knew it was relatively simple to have but I never thought of travelling abroad for it.

I had looked in to this treatment but my medical insurance did not cover it and I did not really have the money to pay for it to be done privately. When my friend told me of the costs they paid for liposuction in Thailand I nearly died at the differences in price between us and them – I had to ask and reconfirm that they had paid for a round trip and they assured me that they did. So I started to research this more and more, I like the idea of going to Thailand and having liposuction there, and I have always wanted to visit a foreign country. The more I look in to this idea the more attractive it seems to me so I think I will soon be having liposuction in Thailand and be on my way to being the person I always wanted to be.



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