Liposuction in Thailand – Suck it And See

Update 16/09/2018


My friend is harping on about having liposuction but has no idea how to go about it and his medical plan does not really cover such a procedure.  One afternoon, armed with my laptop, we took to the internet to find ways for him to have a tummy tuck on the cheap and we came across what, for better terms, are medical holidays.  What this involved is basically the patient spending time in a foreign country and having the liposuction done and then using the rest of the holiday to relax and see the sights, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

My friend was utterly skeptical about this though as they really did not feel that it was worth taking a plane for in order to get this procedure done but when they checked the prices privately they turned white with fear!  We then decided that this was what we had to do and narrowed it down to three countries, when we discovered the prices it was in these places we literally had to triple check and it left us fuming that our own country charged us so much!
My friend and I were long in need of a holiday and so getting my friend to have liposuction in Thailand seemed the perfect thing for both of us.  No sooner had we contacted a few agencies were we swamped with friendly staff and information and my friend could not believe why it took so long for this to happen in our home country yet it was all done in Thailand in a few clicks and emails.  Suffice to say that my friend did end up having liposuction in Thailand and it was just as good as he expected and now he is back to his fighting fit self and recommending this to all his friends.



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