The Importance of Board Certification

Update 16/09/2018


If you are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery in Thailand, it is only natural that you want to place your health in the hands of a certified surgeon such as those operating at the Naravee Aesthetic Center. When you have plastic surgery performed by a certified physician, you are greatly reducing any risks associated with the procedure.

What Is Board Certification?

In simple terms, it is a way of recognizing a physician that has expertise in a certain specialty. Typically, a board certified director must have completed medical school, have spent at least 3 years in an accredited residency program, passed a written/oral examination, have a valid and unrestricted medical license, engage in ongoing education and subscribe to a Code of Ethics. Obviously, if you have cosmetic surgery in Thailand and it’s performed by someone who ticks all of the above boxes, you will feel a lot better.

It is important to note that a physician can be part of a legitimate board but NOT be qualified to perform a cosmetic surgery procedure. It is entirely possible for the doctor in question to have immense experience in a certain field but no plastic surgery expertise. In the United Kingdom for example, we have heard stories of surgeons performing plastic surgery despite specializing in an entirely different field.

As a result, you require a surgeon that is certified by an actual Plastic Surgery board; in the U.S. for example, this would mean certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. We have conducted research and discovered surveys which clearly show the greatest level of patient satisfaction occurs when procedures are performed by experts in the field.

In simple terms, having cosmetic surgery in Thailand is safer if you are in the hands of a certified surgeon. At the Naravee Aesthetic Center, we only hire surgeons with expertise in a specific field of plastic surgery because we are dedicated to providing patients with world class service.



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