The Importance of Being Sensible With Cosmetic Surgery

Update 19/09/2018


At the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic in Bangkok, we are delighted to help patients that walk through our doors but there are occasions when people end up overdoing plastic surgery in Thailand and all over the world. The whole purpose of cosmetic surgery is to correct an issue in a bid to improve your self-esteem. When patients correctly identify an issue, have realistic expectations and don’t try to make unnecessary adjustments, cosmetic surgery is very likely to be a success.

Going Overboard
It appears as if celebrities lead the way when it comes to cosmetic surgery addiction. Glamour models such as Lacey Wildd from the United States take this obsession to an entirely new level. She made headlines a couple of years ago after her 12th breast enlargement operation gave her an LLL-sized chest.
Imagine her dismay when she discovered that this only gave her the 7th largest chest in the world! She is clearly addicted and admitted that ANOTHER operation is likely in 2014; this time to increase her chest to QQQ. This should be a cautionary tale since Wildd struggles to sleep and has damaged vertebrae due to the weight of the implants.

This form of injection can be very effective when it comes to removing lines around the eyes and a successful Botox procedure can make you look 10 years younger. The trouble is that the effects of Botox are only temporary and many patients seek injection after injection in a bid to cheat Father Time and remain young looking. Another danger with Botox is that it can remove all personality from your face and in extreme Hollywood examples; we have seen actors looking like mannequins!

Ultimately, what you do with your body is your personal choice but at the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic in Bangkok, we urge patients to be sensible with their cosmetic surgery decisions and look to advise in any way we can.



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