How Long Until You Can Exercise After Surgery?

Update 16/09/2018


Having breast augmentation in Thailand is becoming more and more popular for women everywhere due to the fact that it simply costs too much to have it done in their own country.  The internet is a wealth of information for all parts of the procedure but this blog post will give you a few pointers also about what to expect and what will happen if you choose to have breast augmentation in Thailand.  For example, many women are very active, be it due to their work or their gym routine and so one of the main questions is how long they should wait after having surgery before they can resume exercising.

For most women the implants will rest a bit higher than normal for a short period and will then drop in to a more normal position.  This usually takes a few weeks but the time taken for this to happen depends on a variety of factors such as the size of the implants, what size you were before the augmentation, the implant surface type and placement , your muscle tone and whether or not you massage your breasts.  Smooth breast implants drop faster than textured ones.  If you had small breasts before then moderate to large implants will take longer to drop due to the tightness of the skin and it is known that one side may drop before the other.  
Either way, if you enjoy exercise and are thinking of having breast augmentation in Thailand please take in to consideration the brief tips outlined in this blog post and you will soon be back on your way and back in the gym looking bigger and better than ever and so this will lead to increased happiness and you will soon be glad that you took the plunge and invested in breast augmentation in Thailand.



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