How Cosmetic Surgeons In Thailand Are Trained

Update 16/09/2018


At one time, patients were suspicious of plastic surgery in Thailand due to a lack of information. Any data they did receive was often factually incorrect as it stated that Thai surgeons lacked the qualifications, knowledge and expertise to safely perform cosmetic surgery.

In actual fact, Thai surgeons are among the best trained in the world as a number of them travel overseas and study in world famous hospitals in the United States, United Kingdom and other Western nations.

Meet Dr. Ronachi Komthong M.D

Dr. Ronachi is the face of the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic which has been changing the lives of patients for almost three decades. As well as having the usual Thai Board of Surgery qualifications, Dr. Ronachi has travelled around the world honing his craft. Now he is one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons not only in Thailand but worldwide.

He has spent time at the famous Institute of Hand Surgery in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and the Caniesburn Hospital in Glasgow, U.K along with experience in hospitals in Japan and Taipei among others. This is indicative of Dr. Ronachi’s dedication to his craft and there are few surgeons anywhere in the world that can match his experience, skill and knowledge.

The Basics

You should only ever consider cosmetic surgery in Thailand at a clinic with surgeons who are certified by the Thai Board of Surgery. Top surgeons are also members of professional bodies such as The Royal College of Surgeons and the International College of Surgeons.

Once a candidate has completed medical school, he must serve 3 years as a surgical resident followed by 3 years of training on a specific aspect of plastic surgery. In other words, the average Thai plastic surgeon must complete 6-8 years of training AFTER finishing medical school! Hopefully, this information puts to bed the notion that Thai surgeons are not well trained!



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