How To Avoid Traffic In Bangkok

Update 16/09/2018


When you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Thailand, you will also want to see the magnificent sights and enjoy your stay in one of the world’s most magical countries. Bangkok is the capital city and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world but that also means potential issues with traffic as is the case with any major global city. To avoid getting stuck in traffic and missing your important cosmetic surgery procedure, read on to discover how to navigate the Bangkok traffic.

Avoid Peak Times

We recommend that you avoid the roads if at all possible between 7am-10am and between 3.30pm-9pm from Monday-Friday. If you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Thailand, simply schedule your appointment between 10am-3pm and you should steer clear of the worst of the traffic.

Use the Sky Train

The sky train and underground system in Bangkok is excellent and it covers around 20% of the city at present. You can either look down on the traffic from above or sneak beneath it as your travel. Instead of taking a taxi or driving, choose the MRT underground or BTS sky train. A journey that could take an hour in a car may take only 10 minutes in a sky train and this form of transport is also much cheaper than a taxi.

Motorcycle Taxi

Though this form of taxi is not strictly the safest, it is a good choice in an emergency because the drivers are extremely skilled at weaving between cars. Again, an hour’s journey in a regular taxi may only take 5 minutes in one of these motorcycle taxis. Drivers of these taxis wear blue or orange vests with a number on it and their motorcycles are close by.

If you need cosmetic surgery in Thailand and are drawn to Bangkok, learn the best ways to travel so you can avoid traffic and have a memorable vacation to go along with your life-changing procedure.

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