Holding back the years with a facelift Thailand

Update 16/09/2018


A facelift Thailand rank as the most demanded type of cosmetic surgery procedures all over the world. Beautiful faces that have aged can regain some of that beauty with a facelift and thereby even be regaining your self-esteem. People have discovered that Thailand is a plastic surgery mecca, that you can have the same quality facelift in this country but pay half the price virtually. It’s no wonder people are flocking to Thailand for their plastic surgery procedures.

Not only is it a beautiful country to recover from surgery in, but the quality of the procedures ranks of the highest in the world as well. If you go to a reputable hospital or clinic, you can expect to find doctors with very impressive medical qualifications. Take for instance the founder of the well-known and recommended Naravee Aesthetic Clinic in Bangkok Thailand. He is Dr. Ronachai Komthong, with degrees in his field of work too many to name, and an educational background that probably is hard to find elsewhere. With expertise like this, you will have found the right place to have your procedures.  
In Thailand, facelifts are known as rhytidectomies which mean “to remove wrinkles”. That equates to rejuvenation in the mid-face area to the lower-face area as well as the neck area. If you want to correct any facial sagging, deep creasing under your eyes and around your nose and mouth, jowls, loose skin and fat, you are a good candidate.
At Naravee, there are numerous techniques involved in a face lift. They address different patients with different requests and requirements. Patients might come to the clinic for eyelid surgery only, or a brow lift or laser skin-resurfacing treatment. These procedures could extend to the neck as well to give the patient an overall better look. Sometimes a patient is unhappy about the loss of volume in the face and wants to plump up their face. 
Don’t get extra worry lines on your forehead wondering who to turn to in Thailand for your facelift; let Naravee Aesthetic Clinic be the answer. They’ll do a beautiful job.
Read more about facelift in Thailand please visit  https://www.naraveeplasticsurgery.com/en/service/face-lift/



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