Get a beach bod with some liposuction in Thailand

Update 16/09/2018


At Naravee Aesthetic Centre, you can do wonders for your body and face; there are heaps of transforming plastic surgery procedures to choose from and liposuction in Thailand is just one of them. Naravee, a forefront leader in cosmetic surgery procedures offers their Liposelection technique, designed to eliminate bleeding in surgery. Inflammation and bruising are greatly reduced too. Ultrasound technology turns the fat into liquid. To put it in a nutshell; the surgeons won’t use a scalpel to get rid of the fat anymore; they will use lasers which melt the fat away.


Certified experts
Naravee is one of the top cosmetic surgery clinics to be found in Thailand. They are certified to perform this Hi-Def liposuction procedure. You can know that this clinic has the expertise to perform this type of procedure because in order to be certified, a surgeon would need to have been successful in undertaking surgery on over 300 people using the traditional liposuction methods. With that under his belt, he would also have had to do further training abroad to get real hands-on experience in the most up-to-date procedures of liposuction. That means at Naravee you will be introduced to highly trained and English-fluent nurses and doctors to bring out the best in your body.
Defining your body
To undergo this defining procedure, you need to be in good mental and physical health.  You should only need to have around 25 pounds to lose to achieve your ideal body weight. Basically, you want to just even out fatty deposits that dieting and exercise aren’t budging. At your consultation, you will discuss with your doctor the areas where the fat needs to be removed and your doctor will discuss the risks and/or complications and also pre- and post-operative processes.
Even though this Liposuction procedure has minimised pain and damage to the body, patients should still realise as with any surgical procedure, there will generally always be risks. Serious complications are rare, however. The new laser procedure is a revolutionary advance into liposuction. With expert surgeons at a noted clinic such as Naravee Aesthetic Clinic, you will be smiling all the way to the beach.
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