Four great things to do in Bangkok

Update 16/09/2018


From Cruising the Venice of the East to beach break

“When all else fails, take a vacation”, as how the saying goes. When you plan on doing a makeover and cosmetic/plastic surgery in Thailand, you might also want to take advantage of embracing the city’s beauty and magnificence by touring around Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok is now the most visited city in the world by international tourist, according to the third annual Global Destination Index. With approximately 15.98 million international visitors, Bangkok topped all other countries as the most visited nation around the world. No wonder, many international tourists are getting thrilled of packing their bags and heading directly to the city of angels. Among the many great activities you can do in Bangkok, here are some five highlights that you might consider doing:

1) Temple hopping

Bangkok is internationally known for its mystique Buddhist temples, thus it is recommended to immerse into the wonders it gives when visiting in Bangkok. These astonishments differ from the noticeable intricately carved finials, ornate gables and nature shaped stones around these temples.

2)  Cruise the Venice of East

If you fancy touring around towns with picturesque canals, backwater and lagoons, you would surely love to engage yourself into Bangkok’s floating markets. Bangkok river canals, commonly called as khlongs, thread through the Thonburi west bank extending throughout Thailand.

3)  Eat Thai dishes

The country is known for its delicious Thai spicy and mouthwatering dishes mixed with fresh local herbs, seafood and meat. The ultimate Thai experience will not be completed without tasting and savoring these foods.

4)  Beach break

Bangkok can offer you relaxation through long beach weekends while heading to Hua Hin, Ko Samet or enjoying the bliss of Rayong beach. 

These are the few great things you can do when you visit Bangkok. It is also a good time when you plan having a makeover through a cosmetic/plastic surgery in Thailand. If you want to acquire more information about cosmetic/plastic surgery in Thailand, please visit for more details.



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