Facelift in Thailand – Nip and tuck

Update 16/09/2018


Have you ever seen that show?  I started watching it back in the day and it gave me the willies in terms of having any sort of cosmetic surgery so when my friend told me they recently had a facelift in Thailand I naturally expected the worse. In fact though I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them to the extent that, at first, I did not recognise them, the job was that good!  It was certainly made me change my mind towards medical tourism and I have even considered having a facelift in Thailand myself but my friend then rightly showed me all the research they had performed and it really was eye opening.

They had really researched the process and procedures for this and having a facelift in Thailand.  They researched Thailand itself and what to expect in terms of how to best recover and recuperate along with contacting all the major hospitals.  Reading through the emails showed a distinct emphasis on care and service towards the patient, something I rarely experienced back home at my own hospital so I was very impressed even from that.  I did some of my own research and contacted one of the main hospitals for having a facelift in Thailand and I spoke to some very helpful staff and doctors to learn more about the procedure.  
I got the impression that they really cared about me as a patient and I was very impressed with the pricing and they even offered a flexible payment plan!  If only my own medical plan would do such as thing!  Then I realised that the reason I was looking in to this was because my own medical plan did not cover such procedures and thanks to my friend and their research along with my own I gained a better understanding for how and why medical tourism is such a big business and I am certainly considering a facelift in Thailand in the months to come.



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