Facelift in Thailand – Lifting The Face

Update 16/09/2018


Talking with my girlfriends recently I decided to look in the mirror and take a long look at my appearance.  For those who do not know I am a 45 year old housewife, divorced, with two kids.  To say that my love life is lacking would be an understatement so I was surprised when one of my girlfriends came back after a trip to Thailand and told me about the miracle she had of having a facelift and how it was so much cheaper than back here in the USA.

I am a skeptic at heart, I have never needed cosmetic surgery or even thought about it but as I looked at my friend and her new face I started to look more in to what is involved in having a facelift in Thailand and what I would be up against.  I started looking on the internet for how to go about and get started, I mean I could never even place Thailand on a map until I started looking in to this and when I decided to search for ‘Facelifts in Thailand’ the amount of information I was presented with was seriously overwhelming.  I never knew there were so many different kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures available in Thailand or how much was involved in the actual facelift procedure itself until I sat down with my usual morning coffee and started sifting through the internet search results, housework all done of course!

Did you know about the different types of facelifts available?  I was seriously overwhelmed, again and as I looked in the mirror I started to visualise how I would look with a new face.  Doesn't the idea of a new face sound scary?  Granted, a facelift is not exactly a new face but it is simply a procedure that tightens the skin around the face and removes excess skin which makes the face look younger and rejuvenated.  I also started looking up Thailand, I have never travelled before but this sounds like an exciting and vibrant country and when I finally saw the prices of the flight combined with the procedure itself I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I would save.  But then I started to get scared, what if having a facelift in Thailand was not up to the medical standards I was used to at home?  What if it went wrong and I was irreversibly scarred and ended up looking like Harvey Dent from Batman? 

After all I have been through, with my messy divorce and looking after the kids I figured that would be a walk in the park and so after this I will be looking and booking a plane ticket to Bangkok as I eagerly see myself and my new look come to fruition.  I cannot wait to tell my girlfriend's or see the look on their faces and heck I may even start feeling attractive again, that is something that has been sorely missing since my husband walked out and straight in to the arms of another woman who is, as you can guess, half my age!  Stay tuned for more of my adventure in forthcoming articles.



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