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Update 16/09/2018


I am not sure if a facelift is something I would ever actually contemplate doing.  As a guy I am perfectly happy with my body, I am not perfect but then that is what makes me unique and if we all looked the same then we would get tired of looking at each other (so I am told).  But many older people are seeing a facelift as the cheapest and quickest way to get in to cosmetic surgery in some way and to stave off the aging process.

Wrinkles are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be but they can be unsightly depending on the person and their age or build so a facelift in Thailand is sometimes recommended but you need to research it first as you do any real medical procedure.  I am not old enough yet to really care about my face and the wrinkles on it but who knows?  In 20 years time when we all have implants facelifts and cosmetic surgery may be so advanced parents can design their children before they are born.

Granted that is far-fetched and will never happen in my lifetime but it is this way of thinking that shows the direction that plastic surgery is going.  We have all seen the movie ‘Face off’.  Soon, with all the medical advancements, you may be able have a facelift in Thailand and wake up with an entirely brand new face.  Whether or not this will become mainstream or is just my imagination remains to be seen but it does make the field of facelifts in Thailand both an exciting and scary prospect all at the same time.  

Either way people will never stop wanting to look better than their natural selves and we are never in a position to deny someone from wanting to be better in order to achieve their dreams.



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