Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Update 16/09/2018


If you are going to Naravee Aesthetic Clinic for eyelid surgery, there will be a period of recovery after the surgery. Because this is a procedure done on your eyes, the recovery period can be a little more of a hassle than most other procedures simply because this is surgery on your eyes. Therefore, it will be of great help to understand what you can expect from the recovery period, including what you can do to help with recovery, as well as things you need to avoid that may hamper recovery.

One thing that is likely to happen during the recovery after eyelid surgery is swelling, and depending on how severe it is, this may cause issues with your sight. You can try using ice packs on the areas where swelling is the worst to try and reduce it. It is also possible that your eyes may either tear excessively or will be dry. The surgeon will likely provide an ointment for any dryness that occurs, though the ointment can have the side effect of making your vision temporarily blurry. The doctor may also provide you with eye drops to help with any dryness.

Another thing you may experience in the first few days after the surgery is a sensitivity to light. If you do, you should close the shades on your windows during the day, and don’t turn on too many lights in your home at night. If your lights have brightness settings, you should consider only setting them to the lowest setting. The sensitivity should go away after a few days, but if it doesn’t, you should consult with your doctor.

Some activities you should avoid during your recovery include watching television, using a computer, using your smart phone, and any other types of activities that may dry or cause strain on your eyes. You will also want to avoid exposing your eyes to direct sunlight. If you need to go outside during the day for any reason, you should wear sunglasses. For those that exercise, you will likely need to hold off on such activities for the first few weeks, as you don’t want to do any activities that increase your blood flow.

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