Exciting Cosmetic Surgery Innovations

Update 16/09/2018


Thailand is already known as one of the best places in the world for cosmetic surgery and the nation intends to stay on top by adopting the various innovations in the field. If there are new technologies and surgical techniques to improve the process of cosmetic surgery, you can be sure Thailand will be one of the first nations to implement them. Below, we briefly look at three cosmetic surgery innovations that could change the way procedures are performed.

This is said to be a superior and safer alternative to Botox. It is designed to block nerve activity in the muscles and ultimately cause a decrease in muscle activity on a temporary basis. Xeomin does not need to be refrigerated before use and it is now being used in 20 countries around the world. To date, approximately 84,000 people have been treated with the drug and its price is comparable to that of Botox.

Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy
This innovation has the potential to reduce scarring after breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. According to clinical studies, use of Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy after surgical procedures dramatically reduces the appearance of scars. By relieving the tension created during the process of healing after a procedure, it is possible to manage the formation of scars.

Symphony RF
Also known as ThemriTight, Symphony RF is a radiofrequency device which heats up the skin from beneath and stimulates both the production and tightening of a patient’s skin collagen. Unlike surgery, there are no incisions and all a patient needs to endure is a probe under the skin. Only local anaesthesia is needed but as it is a biological process, patience is required. Expect to see benefits after four weeks with full results only visible after six months.

There is every chance you’ll see these innovations in a Thailand cosmetic surgery clinic near you so keep your eyes peeled!

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