Etiquette Tips When Having Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand

Update 16/09/2018



Although your focus will be on having cosmetic surgery Thailand, you need to be aware of certain things in order to make it the most memorable vacation of your life. One of the most important aspects of going abroad is respecting the culture and traditions of the local people. Thai residents are friendly and accommodating but there are a few points of etiquette you should be aware of to avoid misunderstandings.

For example, your feet are for walking only and not for pointing at things or touching people. In most parts of Asia, the foot is the 'lowest' or dirtiest part of the body so if you accidentally touch someone with your foot, touch the person's arm with your hand and then touch your head as a means of apology. Avoid putting your feet up on tables and chairs in Thailand also. While we're on the subject, don't touch a Thai on their head or ruffle their hair as the head is seen as the 'highest' and most spiritual point on the body. {C}
If you are invited to a Thai person's home before or after having cosmetic surgery Thailand, take great care to remove your shoes. Cleanliness is an important virtue in Thailand and wearing shoes within the home is frowned upon. You should also look to step over the threshold of the home rather than on it or else you may offend older and more conservative members of a family. Even some Thai offices and schools don't allow shoes to be worn in certain rooms. If you see a pile of shoes by a doorway, take yours off before entering the room!
When having cosmetic surgery Thailand, it is vital that you show respect for both the Royal Family and any statues of Buddha. Don't touch a Buddha statue and try to avoid having the soles of your shoes facing in the direction of a statue of Buddha. Insulting the Royal Family or defacing any images of them is illegal and could see you prosecuted. Although it can seem inconvenient to learn a handful of customs and etiquette tips, the vast majority of them are simply a matter of common sense and good manners. Observing such etiquette will gain you the respect of locals and help you enjoy your stay in Thailand. 



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