The Economic Rationale For Having Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Update 16/09/2018



Up until a few years ago, having cosmetic surgery Thailand was deemed to be nothing more than a way for wealthy people to find a less expensive alternative to something they could already afford. However, the cost of basic cosmetic surgery Thailand is so low that the price of the flight, accommodation, entertainment, food and procedure is still far less than if you had the same operation in a Western hospital.

While India is normally deemed to be the best place for heart surgery and other serious procedures, Thailand is not far behind. It is possible to have a coronary artery bypass operation in Thailand for $80,000-90,000 less than in the United States. However, medical experts in Thailand saw how cosmetic surgery was becoming more popular in Europe and the United States and decided to give elective surgery more attention. A cosmetic surgery procedure in Thailand that costs $3,000 is likely to cost around $15,000 in Germany for example.

Certain nations like the UK don’t seem to have enough cosmetic surgery experts to go around. The United States is starting to suffer from the same shortage. As a result, you could be operated on by a surgeon who is not a specialist in the procedure you require. This lack of experts also ensures lengthy waiting times. Patients could be on a waiting list for months or even years. When they seek cosmetic surgery Thailand, the entire procedure can be set up and completed within a week or two.

Another advantage Thailand has over other nations is the amount of choice. There are few cosmetic surgery procedures that can’t be performed in Thailand. Again, Western countries may not have the staff or the equipment to safely carry out the procedure. With overseas travel now so widely available for affordable prices and the low cost of living, there are a myriad of economic reasons why tourists choose cosmetic surgery in Thailand.



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