Do You Need A Facelift?

Update 16/09/2018


No one likes to admit it, but signs of aging can spring up unexpectedly. One day you’re young, fresh-faced and vibrant but this seemingly changes overnight as the ravages of aging turn you into an old, wrinkled and tired looking individual. A generation ago, a facelift was seen as a last resort for the wealthy. Not surprising considering the excessive pricing of such a procedure.

Thanks to top clinics like Naravee in Thailand however, when you experience the signs of aging, you can have a facelift, recover in a single day and only spend a couple of thousand dollars. So, how do you know when you need a facelift? The jaw line is one of the first places that aging strikes. Gravity and aging combine to cause the skin around the jaw line to sag, resulting in jowls. You can use a facelift in Thailand to tighten this skin and take years off your appearance in hours.

We are all aware of the effect that loose skin has on our face. However, when it starts to sag down towards the neck it causes a striking visual effect. Your skin sags and appears as an unsightly mess on your face. With a facelift in Thailand, you can not only tighten the skin, you can also deal with any fat and muscle that lies beneath. A facelift firms up the entire region, leading to a youthful appearance and profound aesthetic beauty.

There is no doubt that a firm jaw is the hallmark of a strong, youthful, healthy individual. When the aging process starts to take hold however, the loose skin causes this tight skin to disappear. As a result, you look fatigued, aged and unhealthy. A facelift in the Naravee clinic will see your facial tissues repositioned and restore your face to its former glory. In general, facelift in Thailand involve incisions behind the ear after the patient is anesthetised. The whole procedure could be concluded in 2 hours and with a 99%+ satisfaction rate at less than half the cost of a Western clinic, Thailand holds the mantle as the world’s premier destination for facelifts and all other cosmetic procedures.



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