The Cost Of Plastic Surgery In Thailand Vs. America

Update 16/09/2018


Plastic surgery in Thailand offers citizens of Western nations cosmetic procedures at prices they can actually afford. It seems that the elective surgery craze among celebrities in countries like the United States gives a ready made excuse for clinics to charge excess prices. After all, these men and women are multi-millionaires and can easily afford these exorbitant charges. Unfortunately, this does not take into account the millions of regular people who also wish to undergo cosmetic surgery. In 2008, more than 10 million people had elective surgery in the United States alone.

Medical Tourism

This is despite the fact that the prices charged are through the roof. It is noticeable however that this figure fell almost 1.5 million from the 2007 level. This is because of the increase in medical tourism with plastic surgery in Thailand and other countries the preferred option for millions of people every year. This is not a surprise when the costs are placed side by side. In America, abdominal liposuction costs up to $7,500. Liposuction in Thailand on the other hand ranges from $1,200-$4,000.

The difference between plastic surgery in Thailand and America/Europe is huge all across the board. In America, expect to pay between $8,000-$10,000 for breast implants. The same procedure can be performed in Thailand for as little as $2,800. Even procedures like Lasik Eye Surgery is up to $3,000 cheaper in Thailand. Simply put, Western clinics can no longer compete with their Thai counterparts. Thailand has equipment as good as if not better than the majority of Western medical facilities.

The cost of living in Thailand is so much lower than in the West. This is the primary reason why plastic surgery in Thailand is cheaper. The quality is the same and perhaps even better in some cases. Judging by the number of medical tourists flocking into Thailand each year, it seems that those living in the West have finally figured this out and are voting with their feet.



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