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Update 16/09/2018


As a huge fan of The Matrix movies I was pleased to learn that the directors are ready to release their next opus, Cloud Atlas, but what was even more interesting was how one of the Wachowski brothers had decided to have sex change and was now called Lana.  It made me wonder what makes people consider a sex change which is a common form of cosmetic surgery in Thailand and what the rationale is behind such a mammoth decision.

First of all I am not sure what issues or factors would warrant a sex change but many people simply say they feel that they were born the wrong sex.  There may be environmental factors also such as a girl in an all-male family for example or others like that but it is a monumental task that requires a lot of research and careful consideration as well as support from friends, families and loved ones from the start to the end of the procedure because the gender change is the easiest part compared to the stigma surrounding it and social acceptance.
But Thailand is one place where transgenders are seen as equals to men and women in certain aspects (moreso than elsewhere) and that has lead to an increase in sex change operations as part of cosmetic surgery offered in Thailand.  And at the end of the day we are all human and all equal and deserved of happiness and if a sex change will do that then seriously considering cosmetic surgery in Thailand for the entire procedure is definitely worth looking into, not only will you be in excellent hand due to the quality of care and service provided but all doctors are qualified as you would expect so if it will make you happy then there really is no longer any excuse to delay it.
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