Cosmetic Surgery Procedures and Their Shelf Life

Update 16/09/2018


For many men and women thinking about going under the knife of a qualified cosmetic surgeon, the question about the shelf life of various cosmetic surgery procedures deserves special attention. They want to know what a breast lift or a tummy tuck may look like 5 years down the line. The questions like how long will it take the fat tissues that were taken out in breast reduction surgery to grow back, eye-bags to reappear, and breast implants to keep the breasts all pumped up and in shape, all ring bells in the minds of so many patients thinking about undergoing some type of cosmetic surgery. The fact that a lot of these cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed for only a limited number of times make these questions even more relevant and important.

Before you do decide to go under the knife of a qualified cosmetic surgery Thailand surgeon, it is better to ask the surgeon about the best age for undergoing that particular surgery and its estimated shelf life. You need to time and plan your cosmetic surgery procedure accordingly in order to enjoy realistic and long lasting results.

Depending on the type of procedure performed and your age, the results can last from as little as a few months to as long as forever. Let us have a look at the shelf life of some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures:

Although there are hardly any complaints about the breast implants that are used in breast augmentation procedures, the main reason why may women get an update is that they simply want bigger boobs. The shelf life of breast augmentation procedures is more than 15-20 years or even more.

Once done correctly, it takes almost four years for the nose to assume its permanent shape after undergoing a nose job. The main reason a lot of patients prefer to go under the knife again is to fix the issues of the previous surgery. Some patients also witness changes in the size and shape of their nose because of the aging process; therefore they come for the second round of surgery. 



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