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Update 16/09/2018


As I was walking around the streets of Bangkok one evening I could not believe a sight that I saw. A mother and her two young teenage daughters were walking along the pavement, as you would expect, but the two teenage daughters, who could not have been more than 8 years old, were in full makeup along with a top and skirt that no child of that age should be wearing. When my friend, a seasoned expatriate living here, so my shock and disgust they kindly explained that Thai people like to hold beauty pageants in the villages as a sort of status symbol. 

This then got me thinking. At what age is it acceptable to have cosmetic surgery in Bangkok? I had heard of mums in the US doing the same thing to their teenage daughters, doing all they can to make them win, I thought they were crazy too and I never expected to see this sort of behavior on the other side of the world also. I was told that cosmetic surgery in Bangkok is a big business. As I walked along Victory Monument and took in all the billboards I saw many famous Thai people staring back at me, they all looked as if they had been freshly pressed out of some sort of superstar machine. They all looked unhealthily good looking and then I understood what my friend meant. Not only was cosmetic surgery in Bangkok a big business but it seems that everyone wanted to be white also.

This was confirmed when I took a trip to a local supermarket and just saw aisles and aisles of skin whitening cream. I had no idea if any of this worked and I was sure that it did not yet there was obviously a market for this sort of product. In the US people tend to be okay with the color of their skin and so I was wondering just what factors what influence someone to want to have cosmetic surgery in Bangkok and want to change themselves and their skin color. It seems I still have a lot to learn about this fascinating and beautiful country.



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