Breast Augmentation in Thailand – Being old doesn’t mean you can’t be the breast!

Update 16/09/2018


Many women choose to have breast augmentation at some time in their lives.  They either wish to have their breasts enlarged or reduced depending on the circumstances but many women would not consider having breast augmentation at the age of 83 yet that is what one woman from the USA has gone and done. 

The 83 year old woman, from California in the USA, wanted to keep up with the younger women from two generations newer to her and so she decided on having breast surgery, valued at $8000 in order to increase the size of her breasts.

When asked why she did she said that she needed a lift in her life and felt bored and that she did not think it was that big of a deal. With surgical complications, due to age, notwithstanding, you will be pleased to know that many women who travel to Thailand or Thai women who want breast augmentation in Thailand are not so desperate.  Sure, many women see the attractiveness in coming to Thailand for breast augmentation due to the cheapness of the procedure and  excellent care and service that doctors provide, but they would not be so crazy as to do this aged 83.

Doctors though are saying that they are seeing a rise (no pun intended) in the number of breast augmentations among older people with those over 65 representing up to 8% of all breast augmentation procedures.   The reasoning behind this is that people’s life expectancy is actually growing and so the older you get the more excitement you may feel you need in your life.  This means that it will not be long until women such as the lady described here will be on a plane destined for breast augmentation Thailand in the search of better breasts.



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