ASPS Admits Flaws In Australian Cosmetic Surgery

Update 16/09/2018


Recently, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) warned citizens about going abroad for cosmetic surgery. In their opinion, the risks are too high. They would much prefer that you stayed at home and had your cosmetic procedures there. It has absolutely nothing to do with the money the industry loses. The fact that cosmetic surgery in Thailand is half the price (and less in some cases) has certainly spooked the ASPS who have lambasted medical tourism. It’s a shame that they haven’t paid more attention to the obvious problems in the Australian cosmetic surgery industry.

The ASPS have admitted, in a document sent to the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission, that cosmetic surgery in Australia is not up to scratch. They are adamant that surgeons need seven years of training and at least five years of this training should be a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program. We should note that all Naravee surgeons meet this criteria and much more with many of our team gaining their qualifications overseas.
However, the ASPS have acknowledged that non-surgeons have managed to slip through the net and set up their own cosmetic surgery practices. The Society even pointed out that a number of other nations have worked hard to improve the regulation of their cosmetic industry while Australia continues to lag far behind. 
Furthermore, the ASPS stated that their members spend an average of six hours a week attempting to supervise trainees and when you consider the fact that there are only 300 qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the whole of Australia, it’s clear that the waiting period for an expensive procedure will be lengthy. Compare this to Thailand where there are approximately 1,000 CLINICS! When you come to the Naravee Aesthetic Center, you will not be waiting long to have the surgery that could change your life. The ASPS needs to concentrate on its own problems and allow thriving medical hubs like Thailand to continue on its merry way.
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