Arm Lift Recovery

Update 16/09/2018


Among the many procedures you can have done at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic is arm lift surgery. And, as you might expect from a surgery, there will be a period of recovery once you have the procedure done. Knowing what you can expect and what you can do to help may make the recovery go quicker, or at least help make it a smoother process.
During the initial recovery period, you may be given compression garments to wear on your arm. These garments apply pressure to your arm to help keep down swelling and to improve the blood flow to the arm. This improved blood flow can help your arm recover faster. The garment should be worn for most of the day to help speed up your recovery, though you can take it off when you bathe or shower.

You should limit the amount of activity you do with the arm while it is healing. Do not try to do any heavy lifting with that arm, and you should also refrain from exercises that would put any strain on that arm for several weeks after the procedure. It should be possible to still use the arm for light lifting, so you do not have to refrain from doing anything with the arm.
If you are someone who sleeps on your side, you should refrain from sleeping on the side where the arm lift was done. It is possible you may put pressure on that arm while you sleep, which could cause discomfort and possibly even injury. If you do end up sleeping on that side, try resting the arm on a pillow so as to lower the chances of you putting your bodyweight on it.
You should try to keep your arm elevated as much as possible during your recovery time, as it can help with the healing process. When sitting down, try to find something you can rest your arm on that will keep it elevated rather than down the side of your body. You should keep your arm elevated for most of the day for several weeks after the procedure, though you may need to do it for less time if your arm recovers quickly.
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