Another Size Up: Breast Enhancement Review

Update 16/09/2018


Breast Enhancement in Thailand

It is a universal concern of all women, regardless of race, age, or nationality. Breast has arguably become a symbol of motherhood, as well as womanhood and femininity. Consequently, having small or deformed bosom could affect a woman’s confidence; thus, a large number of female population relentlessly search for a way to enhance and refine their breasts. Everything, from a push-up bra to herbal remedies and massaging cream, has been adopted. Nonetheless, the most effective method remains the breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation procedures in Europe and the United States are extremely expensive, especially in comparison to certified premium cosmetic clinics available in Bangkok, Thailand. It is, therefore, not surprising that breast augmentation surgeries are among the most popular procedures for both Thai and foreign patients at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic. We provide a wide range of breast augmentation procedures, including Breast Implants – to enhance the form and feel of the breast; Breast Lift – to change the shape of the breasts and elevate them while removing excess skin; Areola Reduction – to reduce the size of the areola which positively alter the appearance of both the nipple and the breast; and Male Breast Reduction – for men who have over-developed breasts and want to improve their overall body confidence.

Breast Enlargement Surgery (Breast Enhancement)

Breast Enlargement or Breast Enhancement surgeries usually involve using breast implants to create fuller bust or to restore breast volume which has been lost following weight loss or pregnancy. The procedure particularly benefits patients who suffer from breast hypoplasia, low-grade breast ptosis, postpartum breast atrophy, congenital breast asymmetry and tuberous breasts. These imperfections, more often than not, affect patients’ confidence and their overall self-respect, which is why breast enhancement can result in a noticeably marked increase in the patients’ self-esteem.

Before the surgery, Naravee offers in-depth evaluation and consultation for each candidate which usually covers the topics of personal expectations and desired outcome, medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments, use of current medications, family history, general health status, pre-existing health conditions, and risk factors. Doctor will also discuss the likely outcomes of the breast implant surgery, risks or potential complications, as well as the use of anesthesia during the procedure.

Breast implant surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia and takes approximately one hour. Following the surgery, patients are advised to wear support bra for up to 4 weeks, during which they should also avoid strenuous physical activities. Patients also need to continue the follow-ups with their surgeon for suture removal and instructions on how to properly massage their breasts to avoid capsular contraction. Their condition is expected to return to normal within 1-2 months after the procedure.

New Breast Augmentation Package at Naravee Clinic

At the moment, Naravee Clinic is offering a Breast Augmentation Promotional Package. With the starting price of only 120,800 THB, patients will be able to undergo a breast augmentation surgery, performed by Naravee’s highly-skilled and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Included in the promotion package are as follows:


*Note: Teardrop-shaped implants require an additional charge of 30,000 THB



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