3 Things To Avoid With Liposuction In Thailand

Update 16/09/2018



Liposuction in Thailand is one of the best ways to get rid of those stubborn lumps and bumps caused by localised fat while also sculpting your body to make it look trim and toned. As with all cosmetic surgery procedures however, there is only so much a surgeon can do. Once patients leave the clinic, the onus is on them to follow certain guidelines to ensure the lasting success of the procedure. As such, here are a few things you should not do when it comes to liposuction in Thailand.

     •    Have Unrealistic Expectations: Like it or not, liposuction in Thailand doesn’t instantly make you skinny. While you will look better, swelling takes time to heal and the full results are only seen months after the procedure. Additionally, it is not the right procedure for you if you’re significantly overweight. Most surgeons won’t operate if you are well above your target weight.
    •    Take OTC Supplements: Over-the-counter supplements such as vitamin E, herbal remedies and Aspirin slow blood clotting and some anti-inflammatory medications increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure. In the pre-procedure discussion, please inform your surgeon of any medications you are currently taking and he will advise you to stop taking them for a period of time.
    •    Eat What You Want: You need to watch what you eat after having liposuction in Thailand if you want the best results. Avoid saturated fats which are commonly found in fast food and fatty meats and also steer clear of processed food. We also recommend avoiding salty foods because sodium promotes inflammation in the body and may slow down the healing process. Finally, stay away from sugar as it promotes unhealthy weight gain and no alcoholic beverages should be consumed for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

If you follow the above advice, having liposuction in Thailand is likely to be a huge success and will give you the figure you’ve always wanted.

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